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Swimming Pool Renovations

Concrete Swimming Pools Renovations


Don’t risk it !

Renovate with an Experienced, Professional Pool Builder

Do you have an old concrete pool that needs re-plastering, renovation or restoration? As well as pool construction, Westralia Pools also specialize in swimming pool renovations in Perth WA.  Re-plastering your pool in a Quartz plaster, having your pool’s waterline re-tiled, and coping re-done, can totally transform your outdoor area into a modern masterpiece. We can also incorporate a new water feature, change the shape of your pool or even add a spa.

Pool renovations are also a great opportunity to upgrade and modernise your pool lighting, cleaning and filtration systems; taking advantage of new innovations in pool equipment, water sanitization and heating options.

Total concrete pool renovations include:

  • Re-plaster in DuraQuartz Plaster.  (We do not paint pools)
  • Replace waterline tiles with 200mm x 200mm tiles or mosaic tiles
  • Replace tread tiles
  • Replace coping (headers) around the top of the pool
  • Re-pave the pool surrounds
  • Incorporate heating into the pool: Solar or Electric Heatpump
  • Replace lights with LED
  • Replace skimmer box
  • Check / replace / update plumbing, filtration and sanitisation systems
  • Incorporate a sunken hideaway blanket and roller box


When we renovate your pool, we can incorporate modifications such as:

  • Step areas, platforms and ledges
  • Seats
  • Spa jets
  • Add a spa to create a pool / spa combo
  • Alter pool finished height
  • Additional heating inlets & outlets
  • Add Water Feature
  • Remove rail ladder
  • Remove floor suction

Westralia Pools specialise in total pool renovations.

We re-plaster pools

We do not paint pools.  

We do not do pool repairs (to coping and tiles etc) unless it is in conjunction with a pool re-plastering.  

We do not renovate fibreglass pools.


Westralia Pools can work with you to incorporate your modifications, or work together with Perth designers and architects to produce a pool renovation design that will modernise your existing home and turn your backyard into your very own oasis.